1st & 2nd February 1833

Beagle Channel
The country was most desolate, barren, & unfrequented: we landed on the East end of Stuart Island, which was our furthest point to the West being about 150 miles from the ship.
Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
Feb. 2. Having done what was necessary and attainable for the purposes of the survey, we traversed Whale-boat Sound, and stopped for a time at an old bivouac, used by me twice before, on an islet near the east extremity of the largest Stewart Island. While the boat's crew were occupied in preparing our meal, I went to Stewart Island, and from a small eminence saw Mount Sarmiento quite distinctly. We next steered eastward, along the north side of the Londonderry Islands, and passed the night in a narrow passage.

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